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Products of HEPC
Products of HEPC
Products of HEPC
Products of HEPC

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Why enrol with HEPC?

Registration with this Council under Export and Import Policy is necessary for availing the benefits and concessions granted by the Government for export of handloom products.

Types of membership

(1) Registered Textile Exporter (RTE)
All new exporters will be registered initially as RTE and converted subsequently as Members depending on their eligibility after one year.

(2) Member
Members have voting rights and can contest in the election to the Executive Committee of the Council

* Both RTE and Members are entitled for all other benefits of the Council.

Can I convert from RTE to Member after completion of one year? If so, what are the conditions?

Yes. In order to be eligible for membership of the Council, must satisfy the following requirements namely: -

(i) they must have been an RTE for at least one year and
(ii) they must have to their credit during the three consecutive financial years immediately preceding the financial year in which their membership is taken up for consideration by the Committee, exports of handloom products of not less than the amounts mentioned below: -

(a) Applicants in the Small Industry Sector: Total export turnover of at least Rs.20 lakh for three consecutive financial years referred above with an export turnover of at least Rs.5 lakh per financial year.
(b) Other applicants: Total export turnover of at least Rs.1 crore for three consecutive financial years referred above with an export turnover of at least Rs.25 lakh per financial year.

* the final approval for conversion from RTE to Member rests with the Executive Committee of HEPC.

How much time does it take to become a registered member of the Council?

After receiving the application with supporting documents, RTE certificate and Registration-cum-Membership certificate will be issued within 14 working days

Where should I submit the application form?

Membership can be done either in the Council’s head office at Chennai or at the regional office at New Delhi. Application forms can be obtained from head office or from the regional office either directly or through post on payment of Rs.50. The application format can also be requested through fax, email or downloaded from the Council’s website.

What is the fee structure?

Admission Fee                                                         -          Rs.2,000
Annual Subscription                                                 -          Rs.6,000
GST @ 18%                                                             -          Rs.1,440
Total                                                                         -          Rs.9,440

What are the various Categories of Membership

Manufacturer Exporter
Firms which own handloom and are currently producing products will be categorized as Manufacturer Exporter. For being eligible for Manufacturer category you should produce a Self attested photocopy of certificate to the effect that you are a Manufacturer of handloom fabrics and made-ups either from the Directorate of Industries or State in-charge of Handloom of your area or from the SSI authority.
Merchant Exporter
Firms which procure handloom products from manufacturers and export them are categorized as Merchant Exporter.

Number of days required for obtaining membership?

14 working days from the date of receipt of the application in the Council.

Types of certificates issued by HEPC?

Registered Textile Exporter Certificate
Lifetime validity, subject to continuation of membership of the Council, ending on 31st March of the licensing year

Registration Cum Membership Certificate (RCMC)
RCMC is valid for five years from the date of issue, subject to renewal of the Council’s Membership every year

What are the products covered by the Council?

All handloom fabrics and made-ups. (Any kind of product made using handlooms of natural fibres viz. cotton, silk, wool, jute, etc.

Do I have to renew membership every year?

The Registration Certificate will be valid for a period of five years, subject to the continuation of membership of the Council, ending on 31st March of the licensing year. The membership renewal fee is payable at the beginning of each financial year, i.e. from 1st April. The Certificate shall be deemed to be valid from 1st April of the licensing year, in which it is issued.

  • RCMC is valid for five years from the date of issue, subject to renewal of the Council’s Membership every year.
  • File your Quarterly Returns (Including NIL returns).
  • Timely Payment of the Annual subscription towards the Membership renewal fees to avoid cancellation of membership as well as de-registration of your RCMC.

What are the documents required to be submitted along with application?

1. Demand draft for Rs.=9440/- in favour of ‘THE HANDLOOM EXPORT PROMOTION COUNCIL, CHENNAI
2. Self attested photocopy copy of the Import Export Certificate (IEC) Number issued by the Jt. Director General of Foreign Trade.
3. Self attested photocopy copy of PAN card issued by the Income Tax Department.
4. In case of Partnership firm, a self attested photocopy of the entire Partnership Deed.
5. In case of Joint Stock Company or a Society of any other Corporate Body, a resolution by the Board of Management of the Corporate Body agreeing to apply for RTE.

What other services are included along with the fee I pay?

The annual subscription fee include subscription for the monthly newsletter of the Council and forward business enquiries.

Tips to new exporter

• Export market is highly competitive, sensitive to fashion and trends, and demands quality and timely delivery.
• Different countries have different standards, specifications and import tariffs for each item and different colour and design preferences.
• Each country has different buying seasons influenced by specific colour forecast and product preference.
• An exporter can either export directly or through buying agents.
• An exporter who is new and inexperienced in the market would do better by working through buying agents who represent importers.
• You can seek the help of the Council to get the list of buying agents or to get information about foreign markets.
• You can participate in the buyer-seller meets arranged by the Council for developing more personal interaction with the buyers.
• ECGC insurance cover is essential to protect exporters from non-payment by the buyer on account of commercial and political risks inherent in foreign trade.
• EXIM bank extends line of credit, facilitating the sanction of credit to your buyer in return for placing orders with you. EXIM bank also refinances your credit requirements from banks.
• Exporters normally use agents who facilitate the clearing of goods and documents by complying with all procedures. They also help you to comply with all other formalities related to other Government agencies.
• Customs/Central Exercise formalities can be sorted out by writing to the Public Relation Officer, Office of the Commissioner of Customs or Central Excise in their respective areas.

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