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Sub:     Promoting Digital Payments-reg.


Ministry in the wake of demonetization has given HEPC a target of 3000 new bank accounts to be achieved before 31st December 2016 and a target of 3,00,000 for creating awareness on digital payments and facilitating target group to download UPI/USSD app for making payments through mobile in the allotted areas of operation namely Panipat, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Kannur, Delhi, Noida, Barabanki, Karur, Trichy, Kumbakonam, Tuticorin and Nagercoil.


HEPC has to submit daily reports to the Ministry on the progress of the campaign. It is therefore requested that all member exporters extend their fullest cooperation in sensitizing the benefits of digital payment among staff, society, SHG Secretaries, local entrepreneurs for achieving the target.


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Executive Director