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About Products

Carpets & Floor Coverings

Handloom carpets are actually hand knotted carpets in three different styles.


Durry is a flat woven pile-less area rug made in a variety of designs and colours.

Upholstery Curtains & Blinds

A variety of upholstery, drapery, curtains, roman blinds, vertical blinds and window decorations .

Cushion Covers & Throws

Cushion covers are a unique product concept, which blend decorative and utility values.

Bed Linen

Handwoven bed linen is very different from the machine made ones.

Table Linen & Kitchen Linen

Indian handwoven table and kitchen linen are the most sought after home textiles

Bath Linen

India’s handwoven bath linen range consists of terry towels, flat towels, bath mats.

Fashion Accessories

Add-on accessories with garments today play a defining role in any fashion statement.

Scarves & Stoles

Scarves and stoles are smaller versions of a shawl and are usually worn around the neck to keep warm .


Shawls have been essential part of India’s cultural heritage. Pashmina shawls are very famous.

Bags, Shoes & Belts

Fashion accessories like bags, belts, shoes, hair bands etc. are made with Indian handwoven fabrics .


Saree, probably the simplest and yet most stylish and versatile form of women’s wear which originated in India.

Lungies & Dhoties

In today’s globalized cross-cultural lifestyle, adapting to other country’s ethnic lifestyle is increasingly becoming a trend.

Casual Fashions

Handwoven fabrics have been instrumental in creating several mega fashion trends internationally

Evening wear

Be it Paris, Milan, London, New York or Tokyo – when there is a need for combining .


The “ Real Madras Handkerchief” popularly known as RMHK is largely being exported to African countries