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Products of HEPC
Products of HEPC
Products of HEPC
Products of HEPC
Products of HEPC

Product advantage:

Handloom products, with its long tradition of excellence in craftsmanship, occupies a place of eminence in preserving the country’s heritage and plays an important role in the economy of the country. The Indian Handloom Sector hence symbolizes ethos of vibrant Indian culture and civilization – a rich heritage and a long tradition of excellence.

Some of the special features of handloom products are:

  • The strength of Handwoven product lies in innovative design, which cannot be replicated by the Power loom sector
  • Handwoven product is unparalleled in its flexibility and versatility, permitting experimentation and encouraging innovation
  • Weavers with their skillful blending of myths, faiths, symbols and imagery provide their fabric an appealing charm.
  • It projects a unique image for improving the environment
  • It caters to all sections and offers a range that suits every strata of society.
  • The industry has the advantage of flexibility of small production
  • Available in a range of fibres like cotton, silk, jute, wool and synthetic blends.
  • Woven in a sector with largest infrastructure with 27.83 lakh handloom households – weaving of every design and construct.
  • Provides employment opportunities to 43.31 lakh handloom workers.
  • This sector accounts for 12% of the total cloth produced in the country.
  • Availability of more than 1500 exporters all over India catering to overseas market.