HEPC/EF/Policy/2016                                                                                           02.12.2016


All members of HEPC,


Sub: Performance of Interest Equalization Scheme


Council has received mail from FIEO that the office of the DGFT has desired a quick study to be carried out on important aspects of Interest Equalization Scheme and requested to provide necessary policy inputs to improve/modify the scheme.


In this regard, member exporters are requested to provide the following details.


  •       Products and user profile.
  •       Experience of exporters in availing the credit.
  •     Average time taken by the banks.
  •      Share of pre versus post shipment.
  •       Any other suggestions to make the scheme more effective.


Your suggestions will enable the O/o DGFT to provide the necessary policy input to improve /modify the scheme to your advantage and the inputs may be sent to policy@hepcindia.com on or before 08.12.2016.


Yours sincerely,





Executive Director