HEPC/EF/Policy/2017 15.03.2017


All members of HEPC


Sub: India Peru Trade Agreement -reg.


Council has received mail from the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Department of Commerce seeking inputs on the issue of cumulation, self-certification, de-minimis criteria, sets etc. with a view to formulate a text on rules of origin for proposed India -Peru Trade Agreement.


In this context, it is requested to provide inputs at HS 6-digit level on the possible rules of origin with adequate justification under the India-Peru Trade agreements.


HS 6 digit Description Rule as per the actual process of production and assuming all inputs are imported Rule proposed for India Peru Trade agreement with the rationale thereof (Production cycle i.e. inputs, raw material, semi-finished goods, cost structure, production, capacity utilisation


The above inputs/suggestion should reach the council on or before 16.03.2017.


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Jini Varghese

Junior Export Promotion Officer