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Import handloom products

Products of HEPC
Products of HEPC
Products of HEPC
Products of HEPC
Products of HEPC


Source Book :

Source book

Rs.175 + Rs.50 courier charges (within India)

Dyeing Manual :

Details about Dyeing processes

Rs.100+Rs.50 courier charges (within India)
Handloom Map
Indian Handloom Map
Rs. 300 + Rs.50 courier charges (within India)
India Colour Catalogue :

This is a catalogue giving samples of colours and respective pantone numbers to each colour so that the importers can refer to this catalogue and place their orders according to the pantone numbers.

Color Catalogue Vol II (Revised)

Rs.1000 + Rs.100 courier charges (within India)

Color Catalogue Vol III

Rs.1000 + Rs.100 courier charges (within India)

New Colors

Rs.750 + Rs.100 courier charges (within India)
Interior Cotton Colour
Rs.200+Rs.50 courier charges (within India)
Handloom Atlas of India
It contains information about overall textile scenario in general and handlooms in particular in India with cartographic representation
Rs. 300 + Rs.50 courier charges (within India)
Sourcing Directory :

Gives the brief descriptions of some popular Export items, the physical details of various types of Hand woven fabrics and the Production centres

Rs.1,000+ Rs.100 courier charges (within India)

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