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Products of HEPC
Products of HEPC
Products of HEPC
Products of HEPC

Citizens’ Charter of The Handloom Export Promotion Council

  • To promote the heritage origin of Indian Handwovens in the overseas markets.
  • To popularize the ethnic crafts of Indian Handwoven products developed in the various regions of our Country in the International market.
  • To promote “Handloom Mark” Scheme in the International market for creating a brand identify for Indian Handwovens.
  • To obtain zero tariff for import of handloom products across the globe.
  • To promote India as a major sourcing point for handloom products in the world.
  • To facilitate promotion of handloom products made across the Country to overseas markets.
  • To recommend policies and programmes that promote and facilitate growth of the handloom industry.
  • To act not only as facilitator for export promotion of handloom products from India, but also as an advisory body to Govt. of India to formulate policies for re-structuring of the handloom industry.
  • To sustain and improve share of Indian handwoven products in the International market.
Main services/Transactions

Support, protect, maintain, increase and promote the export of Indian handloom fabrics through the following activities:

  • Disseminate trade information and intelligence to member exporters.
  • Undertake publicity abroad through print & digital media for Indian Handloom products.
  • Facilitate product diversification and adaptation to meet modern market requirements.
  • Provide impetus to modernization of handlooms for the export market.
  • Provide design inputs to promote exports of handloom products.
  • Organize business mission/buyer seller meet and participation in trade fairs abroad.
  • Organize awareness seminars/workshops at various handloom clusters across the country.
  • Provide consultancy and guidance to handloom exporters.
  • Liaison with the Government of India on all procedural and policy matters relevant to the handloom export trade.
  • Liaison with import promotion and commercial agencies abroad for the benefit of handloom exporters.
Service standards
  • Applications received for membership with the Council will be considered immediately and RCMC will be issued within ten days if the documents are in order.
  • Correspondences for various enquiries relating to exports will be attended and clarified immediately as far as possible and not later than 3 working days.
  • Claim for MDA for participation in International fairs/exhibitions held abroad will be settled within ten days if the documents are in order, after the conclusion of the Fair.
  • Website of HEPC will be updated regularly with information detailing activities, policies and programmes of the Council. Information will be updated at least once every week.
  • Overseas enquiries received from the buyers will be communicated to the members immediately as far as possible and not later than 3 working days.
  • Useful articles, policies and programmes of Govt. of India as well as State Governments, Trade Notifications will be published in the Newsletter titled “Handloom Export”. The Newsletter will be published every month.

Individual persons, firm, company, cooperative society carrying on the business of or engaged in the export of hand woven cotton, wool, silk rayon, synthetic and mixed textile goods or hosiery and or garments and or any other articles made from hand woven cotton, wool, silk, rayon, synthetic and or mixed textile goods.

Indicative expectations from service recipients:
  • Submit application forms duly complete in all respects.
  • Provide inputs in the form of suggestions/views on various fiscal, monetary, foreign trade policy, tariff/non-tariff issues etc as and when requested.
  • Confirm participation in advance for trade fairs as and when circulars are issued.
  • Check website regularly for updates on policies, programmes and activities of the Council.
  • Attend stakeholders meetings, seminars/ workshops organized by the Council.

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