HEPC/FAIRS/ Cairo Fashion & Tex/ Egypt /17-18

14 July 2017



Sub.: Cairo Fashion & Tex in Egypt 13th to 16 th September, 2017- Reg.


Council is in receipt of a circular from SRTEPC regarding organisation of Cairo Fashion & Tex in Egypt, 13th to 16th September, 2017, under the aegis of Market Access Initiative Scheme (MAI) of Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. Please find below the details as received from SRTEPC. If interested, please fill in the application form (attached) and send to HEPC ( hepc@hepcindia.com) to process your application.

In this regard, we hereby forward (attached) (1) Fair Circular, (2) Annexure-A and (3) Fair application form from SRTEPC for your Information.


Sincerely yours,



M. Sundar

Joint Director

Encl: SRTEPC Circular


Application Form