All members of HEPC,

Sub: Ease of doing business, reducing/eliminating printouts in Customs clearance-reg.

Council has received circular from Ministry that as yet another step towards ease of doing business and promoting a paper free environment besides reducing cost of transactions the Central Board of Excise and Customs Ministry of Finance has issued circular No. 55/2016-Customs dated 23rd November 2016 (copy enclosed) by which the following documents have been dispensed with for physical printing.

i) GAR 7 forms/TR-6 Challans were being printed (3 copies) with the assessed copies of bill of entry. It has been decided to dispense with such printouts and the said documents will not be printed by default.

ii) Transshipment permit copy: In case of transshipment of cargo from a seaport to a ICD or to another seaport the transshipment was ‘being printed. It has been decided to dispense with this copy because of electronic connectivity between the gateway port and the ICD.

iii) Shipping bill (Exchange Control copy and Export Promotion copy): At the time of giving let export order these copies used to be printed to be given to authorized dealer and DGFT respectively. These copies have been dispensed with because detailed copy of shipping bill is not required by the authorized dealer and CBEC is providing digitally signed copy to DGFT.

iv) Bill of Entry (Exchange Control Copy) is being dispensed with because RBI has decided to do away with the requirement for the banks to obtain a physical copy of bill of entry from the importer as an evidence of import because data can be transferred in secured manner from the system of Customs department to IDPMS (Import Data Processing and Monitoring System)

However, they could be reasons like manual BoEs, insistence of importer, exporter etc. Board, has therefore, stated that in such cases printouts may be provided on demand.

This is for the information of member exporters and if in case of any operational difficulties are found during shipment may please be intimated to the Council to take up with the ministry.




Executive Director

Encl :customs 55 2016